We're Going Against the Grain

Everyone has a story. With most stories, there’s a beginning and an ending. I use to think my story started in Everetts, NC, as a little girl who shied away from the world and found her comfort indulging in television and basketball. Such experiences soon led way to college and the workforce, with life seeming so monotonous and routine. I searched for outlets, individuality, and ways to express myself. Ways to be creative and outspoken, …..daring and adventurous.

I Found and Embraced Fashion

I embraced fashion as a friend, as therapy, …as freedom to wear my thoughts and feelings, not only on my sleeve, but through a rock’in pair of pumps, and flirty pencil skirt. Fashion allowed me an opportunity to communicate with the world, as well as live in a world of my own.

Through clothes and designs, I wrote my own laws, made my own rules, and felt no restraints. I could say what I wanted to say, and be whom I wanted to be. My clutch did not have to be typical, my heels acceptable, or my outfit suitable. I myself was atypical, …off-center…not the norm. And I was ok with that.

Society Bore No Weight In Defining Class & Style

I defined it. The freedom to feel, …freedom to explore….freedom to be daring and creative ignited a dream. A dream of owning my own clothing boutique and sharing my unorthodox, off-center, and beautiful style with the rest of the world. ​

My dream is now a reality. After years of living in my world alone, I finally decided that something so wonderful should be shared and offered to others. The opportunity to be free and go against the grain should be embraced by anyone and everyone. Fearlessness can come in shoes, and courage can show up in a dress. Boldness can be expressed through a blouse or skirt, and a hat can take life to another level.

So I present to you, Rebellious Rose. I present to the universe a world where there are no norms. Where you can wear boots in any season, and white after Labor Day. I offer to everyone, a chance to embrace who they are, …a chance to stop shying away. A chance to open up, let go and enjoy colors and hues, patterns, textures, and fabrics. I have never been more passionate about any one thing in my life. My story is truly just beginning. ​ I’m living my dream. I’m living in my world, with my own rules, and doing things my way. i'm living rebelliously ...and you can too!